Kickstarter Pick of The Week – Off*Beat Vols 1-2, Chromatic Press Editions

Off*Beat Vol 1-2, Chromatic Press Editions

Welcome to the Off*Beat Vols 1-2 (New Editions) Pre-Order Kickstarter, brought to you byChromatic Press!

Since discovering Jen Lee Quick’s work in the pages of I.C. Entertainment’s AmeriManga Magazine in 2002, the editors of Chromatic Press have been insatiable fans for…jeez, over a decade now. When Jen launched her coming-of-age comic Off*Beat with TOKYOPOP in 2005, and was eventually paired with editor Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, it was a perfect marriage of business and intense fangirl enthusiasm. But after the publication of Volume 2, TOKYOPOP closed the doors of its English-language publishing house andOff*Beat was left unfinished and in publishing limbo, causing intense fangirl tears. The best chance for Off*Beat to come to its proper conclusion was if a new publishing company bought TOKYOPOP’s rights to Off*Beat and hired Jen to complete the series. Unfortunately, that publisher didn’t seem to exist.

So we started our own publishing house–both to help Jen thrive and to publish work by the many independent creators who move us. And we chose Off*Beat to be our first shining star.



The newly founded Chromatic Press is releasing new editions of Off*Beat Volumes 1 and 2–including special bonus material and ebook versions of the books for the first time ever–and will be serializing Volume 3 in its upcoming digital magazine Sparkler Monthly. Lillian Diaz-Przybyl is one of the founders of Chromatic Press and chief editor of comics; she’ll be back editing Off*Beat right from where she and Jen left off at TOKYOPOP. Volume 3 and Sparkler will begin this summer, and the grande finale of Off*Beat will eventually be released in ebook and print book versions as well.


A tiny rainbow of tassel bookmarks.


About Off*Beat: 

Christopher “Tory” Blake is a little too smart for his own good. His flights of fancy can whisk him off to odd places, but some of the oddest are those involving his mysterious new neighbor, Colin Stephens. Quiet and unassuming, it’s obvious that Colin is up to something, right? And it’s apparently something called the “Gaia Project.” Now if only Tory could get to the bottom of what makes his neighbor so fascinating. From switching schools to better stalk–*ahem*–observe Colin, to becoming his study partner, to…well, it turns out that Tory’s instincts may actually be onto something. But as he and Colin get closer, first as friends and then perhaps as something more, Tory discovers that he’s got just as much to figure out about himself as he does about Colin.

A critically acclaimed hit, including a silver medal for Best Graphic Novel of 2005 byForeWord magazineOff*Beat is a brilliant story of growing up…and the risk-benefit analysis of being an obsessive weirdo.

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